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Patient Testimonials

“When I had my first appointment I was experiencing lower back pain that was so severe I could barely walk.  The doctors have been great.  Thanks to their excellent care the pain is gone.”
— Mo E.

“I had been dealing with right arm pain, diagnosed as carpal tunnel.  Five treatments later I saw a huge difference and I was pain-free in just two months.  The doctors are great communicators-they explain what the treatment and expected results will be.  A first-rate team!”
— Catherine H.

“My husband and I came to the office as a result of an injury he suffered by trying to move a cast iron bath tub by himself.  He could barely walk and was unable to stand up straight because of the agonizing pain.  He received immediate relief from the very first treatment and within a few weeks of treatment was pain-free.  He had such great results that when I started having neck and shoulder pain from the many hours I spend sewing, I came to the office.  They adjusted me and gave me a treatment plan that included some recommended exercises to help relieve muscle stress.  We can highly recommend both doctors. They are great!”
— Randa and Paul D.

“My two-year old daughter had been suffering with constant ear infections and fluid in her ears.  Since coming here she has been infection free for one year.  Her experience with the doctors has been very positive.  The excellent service that she and I have received has been great.  The doctors really care about their patients.”
— Christine F.

“Excellent staff and excellent chiropractic treatment have made me a loyal patient since 2004.  I initially came because I was unable to turn to the left or even walk without experiencing tremendous pain.  The extensive treatment and the caring attitude of the doctors soon resulted in my feeling great.  I have been a monthly maintenance patient ever since and am in perfect health thanks to the doctors.”
— Chasey G.

“I came because of pain and lack of mobility.  After being seen, I had a much better quality of life as the doctors were able to relieve my pain and stiffness.  I am happy with the success of treatments, the availability of the doctors, and the friendliness of the staff.  I feel very comfortable in this office.”
— Ruth N.

“I have had back problems for as long as I can remember.  After meeting with Rich prior to getting treated, he explained that though he could not correct the problem, he could make me more comfortable in my every day life.  The staff is very friendly and ready to answer any questions, especially insurance concerns.  I have called numerous times with all types of questions and someone is always ready to answer them.  They are thorough and made me feel at ease and I didn’t have to worry about dealing with my insurance company while I was in so much pain.  I would highly recommend the doctors to anyone close to me!”
— Paul O.

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