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Back Pain Treatments

Back Pain TreatmentsBack pain can be caused by many factors including weight, inactivity, problematic feet, poor posture and a bad mattress just to name a few.  Our doctors are specifically trained to treat back pain through many different treatments.  They work with patients to get to the cause of the problem and solve it.  Chiropractic adjustments are used to align the spine.  Cryo therapy or the use of ice is used to help to reduce inflammation.  Heat therapy is a therapy that improves circulation to relax the muscle tension.  Electric stem therapy is use to stimulate and relax muscle tissue and aid in back pain treatment.  KT Tape, or Kinesio Therapy Tape, is used for joint and muscle pain relief during activity.  Manual soft tissue massage decreases the muscle adhesions.  Traction is a back pain treatment that helps with pressure relief.  Physical therapy is done with our patients to help with strength and balance.  Our goal is to use the appropriate therapies alone or in combination in order to help you to get back on track as quickly as possible.


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